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Tipping in Santorini, as well as in the rest of Greece is optional. The amount of the tip you wish to leave is up to you. If you don’t like to count the percentage, which is usually the case, we might help you with that. Therefore, allow us to say that when you are having a coffee, it is polite to leave at least 50 cents. Of course if you are two people 1€ is a logical tip. Due to the fact that a tip depends on quality of service, you might leave more. In a tavern, if you are two people and not ordering many dishes, a 4€-7€ is a fine tip. If there are more of you, than you can tip as high as you please. Yet, we believe that more than 10€ is a little bit over doing it.

In a restaurant, you can follow the same logic. Here to you should tip for the quality of services.  

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Useful tip

Tipping in Santorini can be confusing, especially in Santorini hotels. In Onar Hotels, each member of our staff is inspired to offer top services, without expecting a tip. Yet, in other hotels things might not be the same. Therefore, here are few suggestions. As most of the reservations in Santorini are for two nights, you might leave a tip for cleaning personnel. If you have that intention, we suggest you go as high as 10 Euros per night. This is an amount which will leave the staff quite satisfied. In addition, this depends of course on the hotel. In some accommodations in Santorini, guests leave 50 Euro tip per night.  However, in our opinion this is a little bit of exaggeration yet, it makes the personnel happy.

In Santorini beach bars, someone might wonder how much to tip.  You can apply here the coffee shop logic as well. If your order is about 50 Euros, it is polite to tip 5 Euros, if you are happy with the service and the products.

What about the transfer? Yes, similarly many visitors of Santorini like to tip the driver, who is driving them to or from the hotel. Therefore, you might be one of them and you should know that a 2 to 5 tip is fine, if you are in a semi-private. This means that there are other people in the mini bus. If you are in a private transfer, we suggest you don’t less than 5 Euros.