Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece
Where to stay in Greece


Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece

Where to stay in Greece? This is a question which many of visitors ask. In Onar Hotels it is important for us, that you find the experience of accommodation you are looking for. Our family-owned luxury hotels and villas cover variety of vacation types which you might want to experience. For some travellers “where” is as important as “in which theme hotel”. Therefore, you will find several choices regarding what our accommodations offer, beside the authentic Greek hospitality.

If you ask yourself where to stay in Greece, first you must decide what are you looking for. As there are so many destinations with different “philosophy”, it is never easy to choice. Definitely one of the most unique places in the world are Cyclades. Those beautiful and small islands in the Aegean Sea attract millions of visitors every year. The most well-known of them are Santorini, Paros, Mykonos, Tinos, Naxos and Ios. For many different reasons you should visit each one, yet they have few common aspects.

The Aspects

First of all, the amazing beaches with crystal clean sea. There are many sandy paradises on every one of those islands except Santorini. This exception comes with pebbly beaches that will remind you the volcanic origin of this island. The majority of rest of Cyclades features golden sandy beaches, some of them organized and other unspoiled.

The second common aspect of Cyclades is the architecture. Everyone has seen the white houses with blue or green windows. Although there are few small differences on every island, like e.g. on Tinos or Santorini, this icon defines this part of Greece. The narrow picturesque alley of which coastal and inland settlements consist of, are built this way for a reason. That is to protect the inhabitants from the sun during the summer and from the strong winds during the winter.

Destination or Experience

Because of those two common aspects, the answer to the question where to stay in Greece might be beautiful beaches. Therefore you should probably choose one of the above islands. Onar Hotels offer a variety of accommodation experiences on those amazing location. Hotels with sunset view, with pools or luxury villas are only few of those experiences. Seafront accommodation might be a part of your dreamy vacation in Greece.


Looking where to stay in Greece? Yes, you will find best choices to stay in Greece here. Onar Hotels offer top accommodation both in hotels, as well as in villas. Our Hotels in Greece are located in the most well-known destinations. Those are Santorini, Paros, Ios, Naxos, Mykonos and other places as well. Cyclades is the most famous island complex to spend few days in our country. Therefore, a quick answer for the question where to stay in Greece, is definitely Cyclades. There are two ways to reach those islands; by plane or by ferry. Of course not every island features an airport. Therefore, many times the only way to reach them is by ship. The majority of Cycladic islands are reachable by ferries from Piraeus port. If you wish to travel towards east Cyclades, there are two more departure choices.  


You can reach east Cyclades from Lavrio or Rafina port. This might suite you more, as both of those ports are closer to Athens airport. Due to the fact that Mykonos, Tinos, Andros, Naxos and Paros are in the schedule of ships from there, they cover many of our visitors. Of course more choices of ferries towards Paros, Naxos, Mykonos etc., can be find in Piraeus. Due to the fact that tourism in Greece is developing, you can encounter traffic on your way to the port. Therefore, we suggest that, if you are staying in one of Athens hotels, to start two hours before the departure. Piraeus port is quite busy. So, if you are going there by train, you need to know that you will be walking to your ferry. Of course, there are internal busses that connect the train station with the ferries in all the gates.


This is one of the most well-known islands not only in Mediterranean but in the world. If you are wondering where to stay in Greece for the first time, this is one good answer. Paros Island is located about 5 hours by ferry from Piraeus port or 45 minutes by airplane from Athens airport. This is a fantastic place for your first vacation in Greece. There are more beaches than you can visit here, so this is a good starting point. You will find many of Onar Hotels here as well. Coastline of Paros features many small picturesque villages and ports. Almost each one of those features seaside taverns and restaurants. As you can probably imagine, fish taverns are supplied with goods on a daily basis. Therefore, dishes are delicious almost everywhere in Paros.

Inland villages

Of course, this island features many picturesque villages in the inland. Those are Lefkes, Kostos, Marpissa, Marmara etc. Each one is unique and it is an experience to visit them as well. Due to the fact that tourism development has not reach those villages yet, the life here is simple. So, you can see how local people live and how hospitable they are too. Probably the most well-known village of the above mentioned is Lefkes. This is the highest village of Paros Island and it features fantastic view of Naxos Island. Due to the fact that it is quite big, Lefkes are pretty much “alive” all year around. There is a main square here with shops, pastries and few taverns. Important information here is that in Lefkes, there is organized one of the biggest festivals of the island. Therefore, this village is worth a visit.

Other villages are quite interesting too. In Marpissa for example there is a quite spectacular festival organized every year. This is quite big village as well, comparing to the other in Paros. You will find warm people here, travel shops, bakeries pastries and of course, taverns. A walk among the alleys is a “must” in Marpissa, just like in all Paros villages. There is a famous coastal village on the east coast called Piso Livadi. In order to get there from the main “cities” of Paros like Naoussa or Parikia, you will drive through Marpissa. Therefore, this will be your chance to stop and do little discovering. Yet, in this case, we suggest you grab your lunch or dinner in Piso Livadi. That is because you will enjoy it by sea with Naxos Island for a view.

This should cover an answer regarding Paros about where to stay in Greece.  


This is probably the most correct answer for the question “where to stay in Greece”. However, luxury here is a little bit more pricy than in Paros or Naxos. Santorini does not need introductions due to the fact that this is one of the top destinations in the world. More or less, everyone knows few things about Santorini. Impressive scenery due to volcanic explosion and cave houses or suites with infinite view. Yet, there is so much more going on here. First of all, service in every business related to tourism, exceeded expectations of every visitor. This applies not only to Santorini luxury hotels but to restaurants, shops, transfer services as well as taverns. Everyone here walk an extra mile in order for you to feel like an important person. Therefore, you can expect probably anything pleasant in Santorini and its local people.      


Since we are analysing where to stay in Greece, here are few information about hotels in Santorini. There are two kinds of accommodations here. First of all the luxurious hotels and of course, members of Onar Hotels belong to this category. This island had huge tourism development in the last 10 years. Therefore, you will find luxury hotels all over Santorini, not only on the cliff side. But, because of the stunning view, you should choose one on the west side. It is an amazing feeling and experience to wake up in the morning and enjoy delicious breakfast with Caldera view. In addition, after breakfast, you can jump into your private hot tub.

An important information regarding your stay in one of hotels on the cliffs are the stairs. In other words, if you have any kind of disability, ask the hotel if it features proper infrastructure. How many stairs you have to walk to your room is important as well. In some occasions there might be many of them.

Second aspect that you should know about hotels in Santorini, is that you will find cheap choices as well. Yet, those accommodations probably will not be built on the cliffs. However, this might suits you. Many hotels with low prices are located in Kamari or Perissa, therefore near a beach. If you decide to stay there, you should know that you can get to all famous villages by bus. Those villages are Oia, Imerovigli, Fira, Firostefani etc.


This destination is not that well-known for its beaches. However, Santorini features amazing coast line with rocky beaches. Due to the violent explosion of the volcano Santorini beaches are situated among steep cliffs. Yet not each beach has the same structure. For example, Perissa and Agios Georgios are little bit different. These beaches consist of small black pebbles and are not surrounded by cliffs. Additionally, they are the most famous in Santorini. Therefore, if you are wondering where to stay in Greece and especially in Santorini near a beach this is the answer. There is also Kamari beach with many hotels as well. So, this is another choice that you have if you wish to stay near a beach.
Of course there are other well-known beaches here. Red Beach, White Beach, Vlichada are famous and spectacular as well. You should know that all of them are located on the south coast. Additionally you can take a daily cruise to the volcano. There, you will have the chance to swim in hot springs. Therefore, as you can understand, swimming experience in Santorini will not leave you disappointed.
If you are staying in Oia, you will find few beaches north of the village. Those are called Armani and Paradisos. It is important for you to know that swimming here might not be pleasant. Due to the fact that those beaches are exposed to the elements, there are waves here. Additionally, beaches here consist only of pebbles and are not organized with sunbeds or umbrellas.

Organized beaches – Where to stay in Greece

Most of organized beaches in Santorini can be found on the south coast. Like we mentioned above, first and foremost are those called Perissa and Agios Georgios. Due to tourism development of the area, you will find many beach bars here, as well as restaurants and taverns. Additionally there are many choices for accommodation.


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