santorini cave hotel

santorini cave hotel

santorini cave hotel


santorini cave hotel

Onar Hotels in a volcanic destination

Milos Hotels

Discover the jewel of the West Cyclades; discover Milos Island. This is another island with volcanic origin in the Aegean Sea. Our Milos hotels will assist you with the exploration of this destination, and there are plenty of places to see. Milos Island is known for its caves, lunar-like beaches and picturesque settlements where fishermen dock their boats. The landscape of Milos is also different from the one you saw on other islands of the Cycladic complex. Let the members of Onar Hotels Collection offer you a memorable vacation on this island. 

Onar Hotels is the first group of family-owned hotels in Greece. Our collection also includes private luxury villas and apartments.

Santorini cave hotel

Onar Hotels Collections features the most amazing Santorini cave hotel. Hoverer, in our accommodation everything is about the famous Greek hospitality. Additionally, those stunning views of Caldera are not missing from our Santorini cave hotel. It is an amazing experience to wake up in the morning and see the scenery accompanied by delicious breakfast. Afterwards, you can jump in to a hot tub to cool yourself down, as Santorini can get hot during summer. Our Santorini cave hotel are situated in suitable spots too. Therefore, everything is close to the most picturesque spots or famous attractions. Of course, amazing restaurants are nearby as well however, our hotels are away from the crowds.

First of all, what you need to consider when booking in one of our hotels is the experience. We do not offer yet another room but the authentic cave room experience. Because of the fact that hotel owners are inspired to offer a memorable vacation in Santorini, they are inspired. Most of them are the second generation of hoteliers and therefore an experience meets with passion here.

Secondly, it is important to know that our accommodations are perfect for special moments. So, if you are planning a visit to our island for a honeymoon or birthday, choose Onar Hotels Collection in Santorini. If you let us know what your event is, we will decorate a suite for you. We promise you that you will remember it for a long time. Additionally, we will offer you a treat like a birthday cake or champagne.

Families in Our Hotels

In Onar Hotels Collection in Santorini, we will welcome you and your family to spacious and comfortable suites. Because of the landscape of this island, many hotels do not welcome children. However our philosophy is different and we will present to you a safe environment. Therefore, your children will be able to enjoy their stay too.                  

Ahinos Residence

Location: Milos Island, Pollonia

Category: Seafront Residence



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