santorini boutique hotels


santorini boutique hotels

Onar Hotels in an island near Athens

Aegina hotels

Escape to a picturesque island near Athens. Just two hours away from Greece’ capital and much less on a speed ferry, there’s Aegina island. This is a destination with amazing landscape and natural environment. Its picturesque capital, more beaches than you can visit and small settlements around the coast line, makes it great location for a relaxing stay. Our Aegina hotels and villas, offer top experience of accommodation, in prime locations. The views of Aegean Sea and of breathtaking sunsets will be the two unforgettable aspects of your stay.

Onar Hotels is the first group of family-owned boutique hotels in Greece. Our collection also includes private luxury villas and apartments.

Daily Cruises

It is important for our Aegina hotels and villas, that our guests make the best of their stay. Therefore, we will recommend memorable daily cruises to nearby islands. One of them is Moni island and the other Agistri island. To get to Moni, you can take a tour boat from Perdika island. To reach Agistri, you can take a small ferry from Aegina’ capital.

Useful information about Aegina Island

Our Aegina hotels and members of Onar Hotels care about your vacation. Therefore, we know every spot of Aegina island and we will recommend which places you should visit. That includes also taverns, restaurant etc. Our island features many beaches. You will have to stay for many days in Aegina to visit them all. Therefore we will recommend you the best and the famous, always in mind of what you are looking for. Aegina island features many attractions. Our “acropolis”, the church of St. Nektarios and of course our pistachio. The last one might not seem like an attraction but this product is important here. It is PDO (protected designation of origin) and it is exported globally.

Nature of Aegina & Aegina Hotels

As we mentioned before, Aegina is a destination of inspirational natural beauty. Therefore our Aegina hotels follow this local aspect. Blended harmonically with the natural environment, our accommodation will exceed your expectations in every way.



from 340/night

Location: Perdika Village

Features: Sunset View, Pool



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