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In Paros hotels, member of Onar Hotels Collection you will experience amazing and unforgettable vacation. Because of the fact that our goal is to offer the same quality but different experience, you can choose any of our Paros hotels. Additionally, our accommodations can be found in prime locations in Paros. Of course, you can find one of our hotels or villas in other islands as well as on the mainland.

Today on Paros Island, Onar Hotels feature three accommodations. First of all there is Senia Hotel in Naoussa. In this unique hotel you will find two infinity pools, one heated and one spa pool. Additionally, according to reviews, you will taste the best breakfast in central Cyclades. It is worth knowing that Senia Hotel uses products from its private organic farm.

Due to the fact that it features suites with private hot tub and sauna, it is one of the best. Additionally, its location is its asset. The famous port of Naoussa is easily reachable on foot. You will need about 5 minutes to get there and enjoy this unique place as well as the alleys. Senia Hotel also has available private umbrellas and sunbeds on Piperi beach, because it is right below it. Although Piperi is not one of the popular beaches, you can use it as quick refreshment. Additionally, if you do not have your own mean of transport, bus stop is 5 minutes away as well. As Senia is one of the top Paros hotels, it also thought about travellers who cannot afford staying in suite. There are cheap rooms available as well here. Those are for guests who wish to enjoy the facilities and services of Senia Hotel but cannot stay in luxury.

Aeraki Villas, one of the top Paros Hotels

Secondly, the complex of villas known as Aeraki Villas is also member of Onar Hotels in Paros. This beautiful accommodation can be found on Small Santa Maria Beach. Designed by the famous architect Panagiotis Patsavos, it stands proudly about 300 meters away from the sandy beach. Its location is also an asset due to the fact that Small Santa Maria is a popular beach. Due to the fact that it consists of two beaches, one organized and one unspoiled, it attracts many visitors. On the organized part you will find sunbeds and umbrellas. Additionally, you can order a cocktail, coffee or lunch from the waiter. Water sports are available here as well. However, the unspoiled part is bigger without any sunbeds or umbrellas. Therefore, it is quieter and you can enjoy here a relaxing day on the beach.

Due to the fact that each villa features sea view, this one of the top Paros hotels, is quite desirable. In fact, Aeraki Villas is the only accommodation on this side of Paros that features this aspect. Additionally, there is an outdoor barbecue available to everyone, with sea view of course. If you decide to stay here, you need to have your own mean of transport. Due to the fact that it’s about 4 km away from Naoussa, it would be suitable to have a car. Therefore, you could get there and to any other location on Paros Island fast and comfortable. As we are talking about one of the top Paros hotels, you should know that it features free private parking.

Aegean Queen Villas, also one of our Paros hotels

Aegean Queen Villas is a proud member of Onar Hotels and it is one of our Paros hotels. Therefore, you can expect here the usual style of our collection. You can find this Paros hotel in Isteri area, about 4 kilometres away from Naoussa village. Due to the location of the property, you will experience amazing view. Because it is built on a hill, the panoramic view of Naxos Island is stunning. There is nothing more exciting than waking up and enjoying breakfast here. Although you will need your own mean of transport to get here, it is totally worth it. As villas can accommodate many people, it is the perfect accommodation for whole family. Additionally, Naoussa village is about 5 minutes away. This is one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Therefore, by staying here, you have everything nearby and you are away from the crowds.

Of course, from Aegean Queen Villas all beautiful beaches are easy reachable as well. First of all there is Santa Maria beach. Secondly, Molos and Kalogeros are about 15 minutes away.  

paros hotels


paros hotels

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Our Paros Hotels

Visit one of the most well-known destinations in Mediterranean, Paros island. Its location, right in the center of Cyclades and its beauty makes this place very popular. You can get to any other island of the complex quite easy from Paros. Therefore, even if you are planning your holiday someplace else, it would be a shame not to visit this island. Our Paros hotels, members of Onar Hotels, offer to their guests the same quality of hospitality, but different experiences. Escape to one of our “boutique experience” Paros hotel and create unique memories for a lifetime.

Onar Hotels is the first group of family-owned luxury hotels in Greece. Our collection also includes private luxury villas and apartments.


Senia Hotel

Location: Paros Island, Naoussa

Category: Boutique or Luxurious

Noble 7 Suites

Location: Paros Island, Aspries

Category: Boutique or Luxurious

Anemones Suites

Location: Paros Island, Molos

Category: Affordable & Stunning

Aeraki VIllas

Location: Paros Island, Santa Maria

Category: Boutique or Luxurious

Aegean Queen Villas

Location: Paros Island, Vardies

Category: Boutique or Luxurious



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