Kalogeros Beach Paros

kalogeros beach paros


Are you looking for the most up to date information about Kalogeros beach in Paros? Like always, Onar Hotels and our travel guide will show you that it is worth a visit.

Kalogeros beach Paros is quite popular, especially among local people. You will find it on the east coast of Paros Island, right next to Molos beach. Due to its location, Kalogeros beach is quiet, unspoiled with crystal sea. In Greek, Kalogeros means monk and therefore you can understand that there is a little bit of mystery behind it. According to the tale, many years ago, a monk jumped from the rocks next to the beach. Because of that incident, the beach took this name. However, Kalogeros beach in Paros is known for something else.

The clay

Kalogeros Beach Paros

On the north part of the beach you will find rocks which consist of clay. This clay is known for its therapeutic properties for skin. Therefore, if you saw photos from Paros of people covered with mud, it was from Kalogeros beach. So, as you are on the beach, just look to the north and you will see the different color. Due to the high tide, this spot is not always easy accessible. However, this will not be an issue; you will understand once you are there. Kalogeros beach in Paros in general, consists of sand and small pebbles.


Kalogeros Beach Paros

Kalogeros beach in Paros features free parking space. However, as an unorganized beach in an area of Natura 2000, you should not expect much in this regard. On the path towards the beach you will see an interesting sign as well. It says that waves might be created as ferries pass. You should take that into your consideration however, do not expect giants; just a bigger wave that might went your things. Due to the fact that Kalogeros beach is not organized, make sure you have water and snacks with you. However, nearest shop is in Marmara village, about 2km away. Since we are talking about distances, this amazing area is about 12km away from Naoussa. Parikia is about 17km away.

Additionally, it is useful to know that local bus will leave you in Marmara village. Therefore, you will have to walk about 2km to reach Kalogeros. This is easy on your way to the beach because it is a downslope. However, to get back it is little bit harder. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of people walking here every week. Of course, everything changes if you have your own mean of transport. You should know as well that next to Kalogeros beach in Paros, you will find Molos beach. Because this is an amazing unspoiled beach too, you should check it out. It is suitable for families with small children as well.

So, if your question is if you should visit Kalogeros beach in Paros, the answer is “yes” in our opinion. Especially if you are looking for a quiet and remote location. Additionally, you can hit two targets with one stone by visiting Molos beach.

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