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palm beach paros

palm beach paros

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Delfini beach in Paros is a small triangle shaped environment. It consists, like most of Paros beaches, of sand and an occasional pebble. During recent years, Delfini beach in Paros has become quite popular. Additionally, it attracts local residents as well as tourists. Its location helps with it being one of the uncrowned beaches. Of course, this fact is not a standard one because there are days during which it hosts many people. Regarding its organization, Delfini beach in Paros features a bar-restaurant right on its sand. Therefore, you do not have to worry about taking provisions with you. However, it would be wise to check if the bar-restaurant is open, especially if you are visiting in May.

This beach might be hidden in a small bay however, it faces the north. Due to this fact, it might have waves. This is more intense during days with strong northern wind. Of course, this is not a standard definition. Therefore, if you wish to visit Delfini during windy day, you should go for it and check the conditions.     


To get to Delfini beach in Paros you will need your own means of transport. You will find it on the west coast of our island. Its distance from Parikia is 2km and from Naoussa is 12km. It is also easy to find using GPS. If you are staying in Parikia and you have rented a bicycle, you should know that you can reach it. Due to the fact that most of the road is flat with no uphill it is easy to get there.

We hope that our article was informative enough and although Delfini beach in Paros is not that popular it is worth checking.     

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